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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community

FIMC Monday Night Talks

2013-07-01 (3895 days) Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community

2020-09-21 Silence as Teacher 23:36
Janine Schipper
Reflections on the power of silence to serve as guide and teacher as we navigate and move our way through a changing world. Includes a series of guided mini-meditations to help us dive into the silent spaces within where deep peace and wisdom abide.
2020-09-28 Disenchantment and Divine Doubt 67:55
Cathy Small
As we awaken, our complete enchantment with the “stuff of life” (both external events and internal narratives) becomes less prominent and compelling. and the knowing becomes more predominant. This talk explores this topic of dis-disenchantment--breaking the spell of what we think is our lives.
2020-10-12 Working with Thoughts 26:47
Allen Atkins
Discussed working with thought and the difference between noticing thinking and getting lost in thinking. Some techniques were discussed and tried. First was just counting thoughts. Second was labeling categories of thoughts. Some readings were presented and some discussion of ways to notice and label thoughts.
2020-10-19 Loving No Matter What 1:13:41
Dawn Scott
The turbulence of our times is asking us to discover for ourselves how to love. The word love has many associations. However, the love of compassion and equanimity is vigorous and peaceful, open to pain yet free of suffering, urgent with a vision of freedom yet patient. It reveals a vast and immense heart that can look on and immediately be in touch with beauty and horror and stay steady, loving no matter what. During our time together--respecting our reactivity, overwhelm, and other afflictive states--we'll explore the heart's wide and deep capacity for compassion and equanimity.
2020-10-26 Mindfulness, Loving Kindness, and Politics 65:46
Cathy Small
What can Buddhism offer us in these difficult and divided political times about how to relate to others? The talk explores the intricacies of the “Acrobat” sutta which advises how mindfulness can protect others and how loving kindness can protect ourselves, applying the teaching to issues including COVID and 2020 election politics.
2020-11-03 Facing Uncertainty: Allowing Love to to Return in a Different Way 27:27
Brian Lesage
Facing Uncertainty: Allowing Love to to Return in a Different Way
2020-11-09 Recognizing Divisiveness Within 30:22
Janine Schipper
We explore various mind states that arose pre-election, post-election, and after the presidential race was called. We explore how holding compassionate space for our experiences allow us to recognize the divisiveness within, providing an opportunity to heal our internal divisions.
2020-11-10 Standing in Front of the Other: Going Beyond Diviseness 37:44
Brian Lesage
This talk explores the spiritual act of beholding another being in a way that goes beyond harmful divisiveness.
2020-11-16 Practices Leading Onward Toward Embodiment 57:57
Brian Lesage
2020-11-24 Generosity and De-colonization 30:56
Brian Lesage
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