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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community

FIMC Monday Night Talks

2013-07-01 (3895 days) Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community

2020-07-27 Happiness versus Pleasantness 27:07
Cathy Small
When we align our lives to seek pleasantness and avoid unpleasantness, we often miss the path to real happiness. In this talk, we explore why this is so, and the spiritual adjustments we can make in our lives to find a higher joy than getting our preferences.
2020-07-30 Wisdom, Compassion, and Social Distancing 36:56
Kan Yan
This talk shares dharma perspectives that support practicing with the complexity of social distancing.
2020-08-06 Reconnecting to Ourselves and Each Other in a World of Separation 52:22
Sebene Selassie
True belonging — a sense of connection, freedom, and joy — is possible in any moment, in any circumstance, for anyone. However, true belonging is not a destination; it is the process of continually reconnecting to the present moment, including everything happening in our lives and in our world. In this current moment, we may be feeling the belonging of interconnection: Everyone in the world is in the same rough waters of a global pandemic. Every American is tied to the history of slavery and anti-Black racism. But we also may feel the separateness of varying circumstances: We have differing "boats" to traverse these waters. We may have benefited or been oppressed by systems of institutionalized white supremacy. We belong to it all. Our practice teaches us to recognize our differences while never letting go of our inherent interconnection.
2020-08-10 Regarding the Other 33:31
Koshin Chris Cain
2020-08-13 Foundations for supporting the habit of a daily meditation practice 18:06
Brian Lesage
2020-08-24 Appreciative Joy - Mudita 31:22
Brian Lesage
This talk offers reflections on the practice of Appreciative Joy.
2020-08-31 The Empowering Quality of Karma 34:00
Brian Lesage
This talk shares how the teaching on karma can be empowering to our lives. It also clarifies some misconceptions about karma.
2020-09-07 Finding Freedom from Becoming 27:19
Brian Lesage
This talk offers one way of beginning to understand the dynamic of becoming through a few examples and an initial way of practicing with it.
2020-09-14 Fall Toward the Glassblower’s Breath 57:02
Sarah Hsia
2020-09-17 Fall Equinox - Begin Anew 56:02
Michelle McClatchie
The changing of the seasons offers an opportunity for reflection and letting go. An exploration of how we can consciously choose to let go of what no longer serves us to make space for our intentions moving forward.
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