The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Sarah Hsia's Dharma Talks at Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community
Sarah Hsia
2021-02-08 Who is Your Octopus Teacher? 24:23
An exploration of the benefits of committing to practice through the metaphor of diving into the ocean on a daily basis in the movie, My Octopus Teacher.
FIMC Monday Night Talks
2020-12-07 Reflections on Angel Island, California and Introduction to RAIN practice 60:09
In this talk I share poems carved into the walls of the Angel Island Detention Center, the Ellis Island of the West. These poems speak to the historical suffering and experience of Chinese immigrants in the early 20th Century. I introduce the RAIN practice as a tool to address suffering in the moment.
FIMC Monday Night Talks
2020-09-14 Fall Toward the Glassblower’s Breath 57:02
FIMC Monday Night Talks

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